Feuerzangenbowle and those silly dogs

What in God’s name is this one? I’ve lived in Germany this time around for nearly two decades, and there are still times I feel like I’ve just arrived. Regularly, I have an expat problem that’d be solved by me being a bit more tolerant. That’s preposterous, isn’t it? I’m a guest in this country,… Continue reading Feuerzangenbowle and those silly dogs

thanks Ralf for saving my Christmas

Yesterday was Christmas Day, and all was going relatively well until my boy dog Louis decided to disappear. It was quite honestly the most terrifying half hour I could imagine, because he’s not one to wander off. His sister Ella, on the other hand, regularly runs off when we’re hiking in the mountains, but she’s… Continue reading thanks Ralf for saving my Christmas

the monks are at rest and so am I…mostly

In Munich, like most of the rest of Germany, the people have closedup shop and Christmas is in full swing. You might say that’s typical for countries that celebrate this holiday, but there’s something almost eerie about the way everything grinds to a halt here. Germans take family and friends seriously, and this is a… Continue reading the monks are at rest and so am I…mostly

not just for leaplings

Although it’s not a holiday, Leap Day is one of my favourite days of the year. Call it scarcity. Point your accusatory finger at me and remind me that it’s just another day of drudgery…nothing to get excited about. Go ahead. You won’t temper my exuberance. It’s not that easy to do so anyway. First… Continue reading not just for leaplings