About Ken

ken, the writing master

Raised in Texas, studied music in Cincinnati, moved here from Colorado. Based in Munich, Bavaria for more than a decade.

In addition to tea drinking, I write about anything tangentially related to it, whether it be music, media and/or culture. Although fascinated with new media, you can still find me engrossed daily in a print newspaper.

Despite glimpses of maturity, I still get worked up about topics most people stopped worrying about long ago. For example, the band Genesis was much better before they started letting the drummer sing.

I adore female singers and uncompromising songwriting; few things make me homesick, but well-sung harmonies take me back.

I have been a freelance writer for many years. No matter how occupied I am with whatever’s going on in front of me, you can rest assured I’m already figuring out how I can get it down on paper.


  1. Im sure your style wont change! It hasnt since you were a young teen, why should it slow down now? Mary

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