No, let’s keep working…I can take more of this

Hours with a client this morning and once again, I’m reminded of why I enjoy what I do. Wasn’t in the mood to figure out my own strategy, much less hers, but within ten minutes my brain was cooking with ideas and the right questions. Before I knew it, a few hours were gone the client had clarity which she’d not known was lacking.

Always leave ‘em wanting more’ is something I learned on stage as a child, and this situation was no different. That’s enough for today’s session and think about what we’ve talked about. We’ll keep working on this after all of the new information has been digested.

Would I have kept working had she insisted? Yes, today I’d have gladly kept at it because I can’t so easily shut off my brain. However, I could tell she was done. Her brain, unlike mine, was overwhelmed. I could see it and I think she was somehow relieved that I anticipated her limits without her having to say anything. When I said, ‘Okay, that’s more than enough for now…more next time,’ she sighed and smiled broadly.

One of the best qualities to possess is to know one’s limits. When I’m working with someone, I appreciate it immensely when my counterpart sees I’m exhausted and suggests we pack it in for the day. Or until after lunch. Or even for the next twenty minutes.

I’ve learned that it’s nearly always better work when it comes flowing out effortlessly. Working like salt miners, rarely results in good outcomes. Like with most things, the other crucial thing to remember is to stay flexible. Some people have to power through such situations, which I recognise and respect.

If she’d said, ‘No, let’s keep working…I can take more of this,’ I’d have gone back down in the mine.

It’s what I do.

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