trumpeting in the shadows of the Dom


When I’ve got writing assignments, along with their requisite deadlines, I end up letting other things slide. My blog is an obvious victim of this mentality, and sure enough I’ve neglected you my legions of readers.

As anti intuitive as it might seem though, I seem to be able to write those more serious things better when I’m regularly continuing with this blogging lark.

There have been plenty of things going on in the world that I’ve got opinions about, and what little I share here about my private life is generally good fodder for reflection. So, I suppose some of you who’ve been clamoring for my take on things can just settle down. I’m still here – as whimsical as ever in my better moments.

The above photo was taken in Bremen a few weeks ago, while I was doing research for an article that I could say was dry and boring, but it wouldn’t be true. In addition to getting to write about something that really fascinated me, I also found myself tooling around the Schnoor, which is the old city centre in Bremen.

I’ll have to talk more about that in another blogpost, but needless to say it was quite an enjoyable afternoon. The above-photoed trumpet players standing in the shadows of the Dom (cathedral) are trumpeting the news that I’m back in the blogging business.

Soon enough you won’t even remember that I’d been gone.

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