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The Once and Future Queen

You all know @elaine4queen, right? If you don’t, you should. She’s like the very best thing bout the Tottenham Riviera. She and her dog Poppet are the best hosts in the entire history of hosting.

There was even a statue of a goat in our journey. And, as you well know, you can’t always expect goats.

Elaine and the statue of a goat

What’s so great about Elaine, you ask? Well, she can draw and she can take the train into the city and she can throw Poppet’s ball when we’re playing in the park. I’m making her sound like she’s an imbecile, but she’s not developmentally challenged, at all. In fact, she seems to be above-average in intelligence and she happens to know lots of things. Things that it seems you’d have to read books to learn. Books with really big words.

practising her communication skills

Here’s where Elaine asked a passerby for directions. We were clearly well informed, because the lovely young lady on the right got us safely to our destination. And somehow Elaine was able to refrain from making any offensive jokes of a racial nature. Not our Elaine.

Then we were in Elaine’s friend Lisel’s house, and I was playing the guitar…the photo’s crappe, but that’s just how it is. It’s the only photo we have that proves I was even here in town that day. Here I am playing the guitar in a swirl of coulours:

guitaring while surrounded by 60s design wallpaper in Lisel’s front room

And finally? Here’s documentation that Elaine, Poppet and I were at some point all in the same place.

At the bikeshop/café where Poppet and I played boisterously while Elaine had an appointment

So, there you have it. Out on the Tottenham Riviera and in Hackney we smell different. And differently, as well. More bon vivantery soon enough.

‘Make good choices’


  1. I love this. There’s a lot of bon vivantery going on here.

    I was already a member of this society. Do I get a pin or a membership kit or something? I keep checking the mail but NOTHING. Sigh.

    I like your vests. You have very jaunty vests. And ties.

    Also, there need to be more Elaine photos in the world. And more Poppet photos. Hi, Elaine! Hi, Poppet! Hi, goat statue! (Why’s there a goat statue? Does it commemorate…I don’t know, something goaty?)

  2. I would like to be considered for membership into the society. Are there dues? Do we have to take a quiz? Or is our admiration enough? I agree with Amy about the dearth of Elaine photos. Can’t have a proper admiration society without an abundance of photos.

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