early morning on the Reeperbahn

Early morning at the Michel on the way to Fischmarkt.

We’re going to the Fischmarkt in Hamburg, baby. What’s that? Well, it’s actually a blogpost for another day. This is the Reeperbahn on the way to the Fischmarkt.

A Bavarian-style ad on the Reeperbahn.

This is completely out of place in Hamburg. Bavaria might be in Germany, but it and Hamburg are polar opposites in so many ways. I’ll write more about this at some point. It’s really remarkable how different the cool, detached Northeners are in contrast to the very boisterous, hearty Southerners. I could have a whole blog about those differences. Not just a blogpost. A whole blog.

Looks a bit like Vegas, doesn’t it?

This is the world-famous Reeperbahn, which is the high street that goes through the St Pauli neighbourhood on Hamburg. It’s where the sailors came for their leave and where both German and international tourists come for probably Europe’s second most famous red-light district. Yes, there are whores. Of course there are. St Pauli wouldn’t be the same without them. Get over it. It’s only your puritanical leanings that mayke you think prostitution shouldn’t be legal. Well, that and that they’re notoriously poorly treated the world over. There is that, I suppose.

This guy only looks like he’s having a good time.

Rarely, do I trust one of these characters. Clowns are ok, but jongleurs? Nothing good ever comes from a jongleur. Nothing.

A moment in the mountains.

This one’s really personal. I’m not sure if any of my readers can tell you what this is, but if you know, leave it in the comments. The winner gets a prize. Really. Who says Lahikmajoe never gave you anything?


  1. Someday when I’m bon vivanty, can we go to Hamburg? Please please? I want to investigate. It looks like the most fun.

    I like that right below the boobalicious beer ad there’s a sign that says “sex.” You totally did that on purpose. Nice job.

    I’m kind of creeped-out by that clown-thing. Is his stomach open and money’s pouring out? That’s disturbing. And he’s PLEASED by this? Um. Even foreign clown-things are worrisome.

    I think I know the answer to the prize question but I think I know because of cheatery so I’m not going to answer. I don’t approve of cheatery.

  2. Lucy, if you click on the picture and magnify it, you can see he is holding a vessel of some kind (cornucopia maybe?) from which the money is poured.

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