goodbye Oktoberfest

the rides

I’ve abandoned Munich, so I had to say goodbye to the Oktoberfest. Here are a few photos I took. Whatchya think?

‘Here the bear is loose…’
‘Wine is poetry in a bottle…in wine is the truth’.
Altes Brauhaus
The ‘Krinoline’…since 1924.
Apparently these crepes are ‘saugut’.
Your blogger trying to pretend to be ‘saugut’.
Alpina Bahn
I know plenty of Irish people who’d never do such a thing…I refuse to perpetuate this stereotype.
pig on a spit
Der Widder…
Finally, a beer tent.


  1. There were two photos of you pretending to be animals here. You know this makes me happier than anything, right? I’m going to pretend these were presents for me. Who cares about the BEER TENTS, there are PHOTOS of YOU being ANIMALS.

    *sigh* Fine, I also liked the rest of the photos very much. Bye, Oktoberfest! Someday I will visit you and have Nutella crepes that are “saugut” which I’m going to assume means “so good” because it totally looks like it needs to mean that!

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