a broken church in Hamburg

Always travel somewhere in mid October, and this year it’s going to be Hamburg again. In case you don’t know this already, Hamburg is my favourite Germany city. I love my adopted home, and Berlin has a fantastic bustling energy that makes me feel more creative.


But Hamburg? It’s is a dream. An unfulfilled one, but a dream nonetheless. One day I’ll live there. I just know it. Who cares where you live, right? It’s all the same damned thing.


Well, I’m not going to give into that sort of fatalism. Not me, baby.


There’s a church in Berlin that was bombed during WWII, and they left it as it was as a symbol to remind everyone of the horrors of war. That church is world famous, because it’s on Berlin’s Ku’damm, which was the Flaneur Mile of West Berlin during the Cold War, and you see it on the way to your upscale shops and such.


The one in Hamburg? Well, I suppose if you’re a local you know of it. Not like it’s hidden or anything. It’s right there in the middle of town, but the tourists are flocking to the harbour or the World’s Largest Model Train (Miniatur Wunderland). Who has time to go look at a broken church? Well, I do and I will.


More on this in October.

Broken Church in Hamburg


  1. You’re going to Hamburg for my birthday! How nice of you. I’m so pleased. I like broken churches and vicarious German bon vivanting. That’s an excellent and thoughtful birthday gift!

    1. The best place to communicate things to my mother is through my blog. I should come here to work out my issues instead of the expensive therapy I’ve been wasting my money on.

  2. What could be more hauntingly beautiful than a broken church? Unless it is a small clapboard church in the rural midwestern emptiness, in which case it is merely haunting, or haunted. Very nice photo!

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