how to sell to Texans

no basement in the Alamo

No idea how true this story is, but I think it introduces what I want to talk about perfectly. There’s a national supermarket chain in the US called Kroger, and they’re based in Cincinnati. At least they were when I still lived in America, and as much as somethings have changed, I can’t fathom Kroger moving their headquarters.

Purportedly, they desperately wanted to compete with a Texas-based ice cream brand, so Kroger came out with its own brand called Texas Gold. It had nothing to do with the Lone Star State. It was a blatant marketing ploy and it worked. Some people in Texas broke away from their brand loyalty and bought this creation.

It wasn’t bad ice cream, but it wasn’t that good either. It’s advantage? People in other parts of the country didn’t mind eating Texas Gold, and more importantly, people in Texas reached for it merely because of the name.

So, when I get back home to Munich, I’ll add my favourite photos of Texas Shaped Stuff and Texas-Centred Advertising. I’m sure you’ll love it.


  1. When I hear ‘Texas Gold’, my first thought is not ice cream. I’d pretty much assume it was either manure, bull semen or chewing tobacco. Perhaps, even a hybrid of all three.

  2. Texas shaped stuuufffff!

    I’m so on the lookout for New York shaped stuff now. I’m wondering if there will be any in NYC when I go. Probably not. We’re pretty low-key about our state shape here. It’s really a missed opportunity.

    Hope you’re home safely when you’re reading this. Welcome back to Germany, World-Traveling Bon Vivant!

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