ginger and cheese

Texas-shaped biscuits

There’s a blogpost about products in the shape of Texas that’s coming up. I assume I’ll keep seeing things I want to include as long as I’m here, so I’ll hold off on publishing it until later in my visit. It’s going to be both intriguing and educational. You like that, right?

However, today we have something related but not quite exactly the same. First of all, I found ginger snaps in the shape of Texas, and I had to have them. For putting in my mouth and eating reasons. To be precise, they’re called ‘Texas Snaps‘. Well named, eh?

So, I purchased them and was on my way. As is my wont. All was right with the world.

Then my mother suggested something that would change existence as we know it. Exaggeration? I think not.

ginger snaps and blue cheese

She said, ‘Try those ginger snaps with blue cheese‘. Wait, what? Those two things don’t go together. They’re actually diametrically opposed. Like some land of ginger thins whose inhabitants could never imagine any sort of cultural exchange with another land of people, who happened to be engaged in the enjoyment of curiously mouldy cheese.

Those two lands would never get along. There are universal laws, after all. We can’t be interfering with the ways of the heavens. Well, not without consequences.

But my mother is a smart lady. This isn’t her proverbial first rodeo. Would she steer me wrong? Not knowingly, she wouldn’t. So I sat down and had a cautious look at a plate of very delicious blue cheese. Then I opened the Texas Snaps. With aplomb. One shan’t forget the aplomb.

I spread a bit of cheese on the wafer, then popped it in my mouth. And the result?

What do you think? It was really quite good. Did you doubt my mother? Did you really?

One does such a thing at his peril. Going up against the mother of ol’ lahikmajoe is akin to battling Grendel’s mother. Not something I’d recommend.

Grendel’s mom

(photo credit: Emily L. Hauser – In My Head)


  1. Yeah…I’m not sure about this. I’m not a fan of bleu cheese anyway. I feel like my ginger snaps would be RUINED.

  2. I like both blue cheese and gingersnaps. I KNOW! Please kind of let that sink in; these are food items we both enjoy. I’m not even going to argue with you about them or anything. SHOCK! AWE!

    I don’t know about together, but listen. If your mom says they work together, and then you say they work together, I’m going to take that as a ringing endorsement. You’re both very trustworthy souls.

    There are about 47 things in this blog post I love that aren’t on-topic. The promise of an upcoming Texas-shaped-things post; “for putting in my mouth and eating reasons;” “as is my wont;” “Exaggeration? I think not;” “With aplomb. One shan’t forget the aplomb.” I totally giggled my way all the way through this.

    Also, the fact that your mom = Grendel’s mom makes me happy. Because, listen. I know most people are all, “GRENDEL’S MOM? She’s a monster, Amy. She is BAD NEWS.” I love Grendel’s Mom. She was FURIOUSLY PROTECTIVE. I thought Beowulf was a slaughtery douchebag, honestly. Grendel’s Mom was just looking out for her own. I totally relate to Grendel’s Mom. I get stabby when my people are messed with, too.

    Rah, rah, Grendel’s Mom.

  3. I love ginger anything. I dislike cheese pretty well in its entirety, unless it’s been cooked, and I have no faith in the idea that something that tastes pretty ordinary to begin with is going to be improved by going off in a filthy cave somewhere in the nuclear heart of France.
    Stop wasting the ginger biscuits, I say. The best way to eat a ginger biscuit is with another ginger biscuit.
    And I’m not scared of your Mother, Ken, I carry around a little tin of Lapsang Souching that transforms me into a superhero when needed.

  4. I will try this, but only because you said this isn’t you mother’s first rodeo and she won’t steer me wrong. Any one who can perform that kind of linguistic feat probably should have some culinary clout.

  5. Definitely sounds like a strange concoction. I don’t know if I would be brave enough to try it.

    Amy is so right. Grendel’s mom is very misunderstood. It just goes to show that history is made by the ones who write it down.

  6. I’m not a fan of blue cheese, or ginger snaps. But I love all sorts of other cheeses, love ginger, and I like crackers and “biscuits.” What I’m trying to say, I can imagine what it tastes like, and I can imagine it tastes good. The sweet cracker with the spice adds a twist to the slightly sour cheese. Mom knows best. As if you didn’t know that already.

  7. As someone who comes from a land where they consider that peanut butter and jelly (jam) go together, I am surprised your were surprised that ginger snaps and blue cheese would be suitable partners. I love blue cheese and am prpared to try it with (almost) anything, yes, including ginger snaps, whatever shape they come in. I don’t know about aplomb, but never forget that mother knows best.

  8. I want to try ginger snaps with blue cheese now. I wonder if I should make a reasonable effort to find the Texas shaped ones. It probably makes a huge difference.

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