How long is now

Yes - How long is now

Took this photo in Berlin years ago, and it still makes me smile when I see it. Have been having some issues with time management lately, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

When I’ve committed to too many things and am running from one appointment to the next, I try to remember the whole Power of Now thing. But I’m hesitant to go too overboard with this stuff. Probably because I’ve read a bit of Eckart Tolle, and I’m never quite sure if I get it.

See, I’m the sort of person who would never think about planting food as long as I still have plenty to eat. If people like me were responsible for important things and we were all living in the now, I’m not sure we’d have enough fuel to keep us warm. Or the logistics to keep planes in the sky.

It’s easy for me to live in an orderly society and wander round saying everyone should carpe diem. This is exactly what I’m doing today. How long is now, anyway?


  1. I’m late with my commenting. Mainly because my now is days later than it should be. Time management is not my friend and won’t be until this show is over.

    I used to be much better at managing everything. Is it age? Or is it that I have too much on my plate? Or both?

    I need to carpe some diem, though. That’s something I need to remember to do. Thank you for that.

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