another lahikmajoe blog? whatever for?

This is my new grown up blog.

Normally, I blog about tea over at lahikmajoedrinkstea

Or about living in Germany at lahikmajoeinbayern

But here?  Here I plan to write about everything else I’ve wanted to talk about but didn’t fit into those topics.


  1. Since everything can be related to tea, I can’t see how you’ll have anything to fit in here 😛
    But I’m excited you’re giving WP a go. Well, I know you’ve already “half” given it a go with your Tea Trade blog.
    I shall be watching this space.

    1. Hullo Jim w,

      What a welcome…I wanted to actually try and respond to what you said, but then I thought, ‘What on earth is a fuck bell?’

      Then I noticed you had a Comcast email address. It’s possible that your terminology is from an earlier era of the internet. Am in awe of your staying power.

      I haven’t really said anything here yet. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say when I actually do.

      1. Oh dear. While Jim W’s comments do seem unduly harsh, it could very well be because he is under the influence of linking over here from my site. I vaguely remember mentioning ALL of these things. Plus, adding a link directly to here. You really should disassociate yourself from me. That is what I get for using the curse words.

        However, the term “fuck bell” is kinda growing on me.

      2. What a disaster! I just realized who Jim W is and he is VERY nice. This is what I get for cursing on the Interweb. I was obviously not brought up right. On the other hand, this blog is already controversial, and you haven’t even made your first real post…. what a HUGE success!

      3. This whole thing and how it exploded has been a comedy of errors. Hilarious stuff.

        Years from now when people ask me how I *met* ‘Jim w’, I shall have a story to tell.

        And just for the record, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a Comcast email address. Some of the nicest ex-cons & octogenarians I know have just such an email account.

      1. Oh, I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think that’s what they were talking about.

        It is curious to me that Betty White is willing to go there, though. I do wish more advertisers/show creators would acknowledge the steamier side of some older people’s lives.

    1. Who needs anticipation when you can destroy a blog immediately by wantonly throwing around the term Fuck Bell? I hear the property value of WordPress has gone down recently. I don’t know why.

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