Back in the groove

Nick and I making faces when he was in Munich the last few months

One of the reasons I recommend an editorial calendar to my clients is to avoid exactly what’s happened to me the last few months.

I’ve been snowed under with work and family responsibilities, as well as starting a Master’s programme in the UK, so there just hasn’t been time for blogging or my normal activities on LinkedIn and other platforms.

Not making excuses, it’s just sometimes life gets in the way of what was intended. There’s a quote attributed to John Lennon that I’m sure someone else had already said that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

Oh well.

So, how would an editorial calendar solve this dilemma? It’s simple really, but all good ideas need better follow through, and I’ve resolved to practise what I preach, at least on this topic.

As I often recommend, let’s figure out how often you want to post, whether once or twice a week or even several times a month, decide what’s reasonable for you time-wise.

Here’s the part that sounds great in theory. Many don’t have the discipline to actually do it, though. Once it’s clear who you’re writing for (know your audience), map out the next three months of content and sit down and write all of it.

Normally not in one sitting, of course. But do it. I’ll be setting aside time daily, or several times a week, in the coming weeks to write down all the ideas I’ve been jotting down while I’ve been too busy to actually write.

My schedule opens up next week, and I’ve got about six weeks before we head back down to Italy for our annual time in the village where my wife lived when we met.

I don’t think I need that long to get this ship back in the water, but if it takes that long? So be it.

It’s a nice idea that I could keep writing while we’re down there, and I’ve got a book project my friend Nick and I are working on, so I’m sure I’ll be plenty busy with that and other things.

Yet they’re all analog and perfect for somebody like me who doesn’t necessarily have consistent Wi-Fi for those weeks.

If I’ve mapped out the next several months content, written pieces that are specifically for my clients or people with similar problems, considered other things that might help them or even the sorts of clients I might want in the future, and it’s all in the proverbial can…

Waiting for me to simply click ‘publish’.

Then I can get in the car with my family in six weeks or so, enjoy our time together, leave my devices in my bag or back at the place we’re renting, and have time to work on new things.

Sound too good to be true? Nice idea, but when would I find the time for such a thing?

Well, that’s what I could help you with if any of this sounds useful. As I often say, I could show you how to do it, or I can get to know you a bit and do it for you.

It’s one of my things and I love doing it.

Now back to my work and you’ll see me talking more about this here and on social media in the coming weeks. Reach out here in the comments, find Ken Macbeth Knowles on LinkedIn, or just find me on twitter.

Twitter’s still a thing? Apparently so.

I’m @lahikmajoe over there, if you’d like to connect and read my more banal and off topic thoughts.

Otherwise, keep reading. I’m here for you if there’s anything I can help you with.

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