Arrival of the #familystrip

Brother Michael and his wilful daughter…post Bavarian Fleischfest

My brother came to visit several years ago, and I wrote quite a bit about him returning to the country of his birth. Even though he hadn’t been here since he was quite small, it had been a goal for him to return at some point.

I shared about his impending visit and used the hashtag #brotherstrip both before his arrival and while he was here. While I’d intended my posts to be about his trip, the hashtag could easily be misconstrued as having something to do with his disrobing.

So, here he is again…and this time he brought along two of his progeny, as well as well as the mother of ‘alle beide von uns’ (all both of us). Semi-regular readers of this blog will recognise our mother as the one who often leaves rather personal, and often touching, messages in the comments section here.

The new hashtag? #familystrip of course.

There’s already plenty to report on regarding the visit, but I’ll only be able to provide a teaser at this point. Need to get back to the family, after all.

It shouldn’t surprise me in the least, but ‘just one more time’ and ‘5 more minutes’ mean something entirely different in the minds of two young nieces. Especially when it has to do with an uncle who arguably lives too far away.

There’s no such thing as making up for lost time, but there is savouring the remaining moments you’ve got. That’s what I’m off to do right now.

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