GTT – gone to Texas

“It is good that a man’s enemies want him dead, for it proves he has lived a life of worth.”

Forrest Carter, The Outlaw Josey Wales

You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.” 

Davy Crockett

As you might’ve surmised after reading the headline or the above quotes, we’re headed to Texas.

Yes, I said ‘We’.

I mean the baby and my wife, Miriam, and of course myself.

It’s November already, so the weather should be tolerable in Texas. Might be the only month of the year where that can be said, but we’ll see.

Here are my goals for this trip:

  • to find and use a new hashtag for this trip
  • to take photos of Texas-themed advertising
  • not to eat too much
  • not to embarrass myself too much at the 30th year high school reunion.

The previous hashtag was #brotherstrip, which brother Michael and his wife Sara came up with. Brother’s trip? Get it.

But before you knew it, there were endless jokes about my disrobing. Instead of ‘brother’s trip’, people saw ‘brother strip’. They were jokes of the highest order, so here’s my idea for this one:


Texas is a whole other dimension, if you’ve not heard it before. Not only is everything bigger in Texas, but everything’s simultaneously worse. Both cleaner and dirtier.

So, it wouldn’t surprise you to hear that advertising is different thereabouts. I shall document the instances of this being reality. Well, Texas reality. It’s another dimension, as I said.

I doubt I can avoid eating too much. That one’s been lost before we even get to my mom’s house on the way from the airport.

The last thing on my list? Not embarrassing myself at the reunion.

I’ve probably already lost this one, as well.

The baby is a nice distraction, though. Generally, I rely on her for that these days anyway.

It’s a nice distraction.

Hopefully, this blog can be an equally joyful distraction while we make our way to Texas and back to Germany.

Oh, extra points if you know where GTT in the title comes from.

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