autumn leaves and keeps on leaving

autumn leaves

One of those perfect autumn days that is so golden and perfect you know it’s precious. You know it won’t last.

People meet our baby, who would be more accurately called a toddler if she just toddled a bit more, and inevitably they look you straight in the eyes as they say, ‘Enjoy every moment of this age.’

It makes me uncomfortable, because I’m not sure if I’m somehow doing it wrong. Yet it’s like that exact fall day. You know it’s glorious and extraordinary. Like nothing else you’ve ever experienced and ever will experience.

You know all of that.

You look out at the green grass as the shiny leaves fall. At first you focus on each leaf individually, but then you notice there are so many falling – the more you look, the more are falling.

The baby’s experiences are like those leaves. Trying to experience everyone is overwhelming, but then another glistening moment floats past my view.

Exquisite and not quite fully grasped and then gone.

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